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Honesty is the way to your true self

A wise woman once said:

You being fully yourself, helps others to be themselves.

An empowered woman gains her strength from her inner truth and her love for beauty and wellbeing.

She is passionate, creative and fierce.

When you accept your true self and express your own uniqueness, you will not need to seek approval from others.

You shine your light, happy being yourself.

Founded by Bridgit Pearl, the wisdom space is the place where women can gain this empowerment.

Bridgit is a life coach and counsellor who supports women to manifest their ideas and create positive change in their life.

She offers life coaching, workshops and retreats that support women in summoning their inner strength and truly be themselves.

Bridgit says: “Our therapeutic practice is specifically designed for women.”

Women have their own way of seeing the world and finding meaning and happiness. We find clarity by listening to our true inner voice. We rely on our intuitive feelings for guidance. We value our feminine gifts. Women form close friendships and support each other to gain confidence and courage. Our lives thrive when we enjoy loving relationships, create beauty in our environment and do work that contributes to the wellbeing of our community.

In her special workshops, Bridgit creates a supportive space where women tap right into their feminine core and deep inner knowing. They learn to use this as their most empowered source of motivation and wisdom.

Bridgit explains, “With our coaching and therapy program, we support and enable you to:

  • Create a life inspired by beauty and wellbeing

  • Speak your mind and let their voice be heard

  • Do meaningful and fulfilling work

  • Enjoy loving and supportive relationships

  • Nurture healthy habits for your wellbeing

  • Trust and be guided by your female intuition

  • Gain courage to act on your personal values and passion

  • Achieve your goals with grace and ease

  • Be a valued member of your community

Bridgit studied holistic counselling and therapy to further her interest in psychology and personal development. For over 20 years, she lived on a country property where she transformed a run down farm into a wildlife sanctuary. Her love for nature inspired her to merge therapy and well-being with her knowledge of ecology.

She believes that being in touch with the natural world is healthy and therapeutic for humans.

At the Womens Wisdom School, Bridgit leads women’s workshops and transformational retreats for women. Her work focuses on holistic principles to nourish healthy minds, bodies and souls. Her coaching enables women to make the right choices based on heart felt discernment and self knowledge. Her clients become effective and fully expressed to create a life they love.

for more information on Bridgit's life coaching and workshops visit her website

The feminine in us thrives

- on our relationships with people

- the well-being of our bodies and minds, and

- on creating beauty in our environment

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