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Attracting a soulmate for the second half of your life

Finding your soul mate in the second half of your life is a dream many women consider challenging.

Are you over 45 and longing for a partner to share a new life with?

Do you long to feel love, companionship and respect in your relationship?

…But… you worry that you are getting older and become invisible as an attractive woman.


…. you even believe that men are only interested in younger women?

The good news is, that a women over 45 is well equipped to find love and create a supportive relationship. She is experienced, self aware and emotionally intelligent.

Women in their 50s are no longer distracted by a busy family life or by the demands of establishing a career. They know what they want and enjoy.

Menopause is your call to fully let go of your roles as young spunk or sacrificing mother so that you can freely step up to being our best self ever.

Embracing this life change, allows women to welcome the emergence of their “inner queen”. She is the experienced, intelligent, self-expressed woman, who speaks her mind. Her inner confidence and wisdom lets her glow with inner beauty and elegance. She is attractive and self-empowered, she demands respect and honesty.

Often a separation from a longterm partner is a sign that the first half of our life has come to an end. As we enter the second stage in life, it brings a desire for a partner, who is more in tune with our awakening wise woman.

At midlife, a woman is in her prime and often feels a call to follow her passion and interest in life. She can fully explore sensuality at her leisure because her sexual life is liberated from the menstrual cycle, contraception and childbirth. This is intriguing and inspiring to a potential partner.

Men in their 50’s wish for equal partners. They love honesty and independence in a woman. They are longing for a reliable woman, who is committed to a long term relationship. At this age women and men equally seek good communicators, an honest person who is at ease and open minded. An interesting lover to be active with and who brings wisdom and intelligence into their life.

In our second half of life, we are looking for someone who enjoys exploring possibilities and values expanding through learning and spiritual growth. Men and woman are longing to revive a sense of adventure and to liberate themselves from the treadmill of duty and chores.

What better time than our golden years to cultivate these qualities in ourselves and relationships?

We are resourceful, know ourselves and can focus on our well being and be of service to worthwhile causes. I encourage you to enjoy and welcome the emergence of a new partnership that takes you to new horizons, in your inner and outer world.

Be well, choose wisely,

Bridgit Pearl

Holistic Counsellor & Life Coach

At the Womens Wisdom School

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