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Menopause and Beyond –

Empowering Women over 45


Workshops 3 hrs on Friday evenings 7:00 - 9:30 pm $25 per session

new season to be announced

This series of workshops is for women experiencing menopause.  Meet with other women for support and inspiration.  Join our this group of women to make going through menopause a positive experience.  It is meant to be a woman's Midlife-Transformation,  .... not a crisis. 


Welcome your midlife change as your opportunity to create a life of self- determination, expression and freedom in the second half of your life. 


Our workshops supports you in your midlife transition to become your most empowered self as an experienced and knowledgeable woman.


We offer 5 weekly sessions of soulful connections with yourself and other women at the Womens Shack in Byron Bay ($25 per 3 hr workshop).

By embracing the process of changing hormones as liberating yourself from your menstrual cycle and your previous role of mothering, you open up to new creative possibilities.

Menopause is not a medical condition.  It is a woman’s natural transition into the empowered and knowing women of her realm. 

In our group, we manifest ourselves as the wise woman.  You step into your golden age with dignity and confidence. 

In our group, you will become aware of your accumulated experiences, emotional and practical and merge them together to enable you to be resourceful, knowledgeable and creative.


-  You become your most valuable self as the queen of your realm,

-  You gather your wealth of experience and be resourceful.

-  You enjoy being liberated from pleasing others.

-  You step into being self-assured and confident.

-  You shine your light to be seen, heard and effective.

-  You take the first step towards leadership in your community.

-  You become the wise woman, keeper of the deep knowledge          accumulated by your joy, pain and insights.

-  You are harvesting the fruit of your life’s path to cook up a storm.


You will be inspired to step into your next stage of life feeling well and confident, ready to be your best self ever. 

In the workshops we will:

  • tap into your inner knowing and intuition,

  • find a newly emerging strength through self awareness,

  • celebrate your womanly qualities and

  • connect with other women as your circle of powerful sisters.

In the final session you will emerge in your new role as empowered wise woman in the second half of your life.

Facilitated by a qualified holistic therapist, you receive 3 hrs of weekly group coaching and guided visualizations to tap into your subconscious and deeper knowing. This process allows you to feel supported in expressing things that are often not addressed because of fear or shame.


When expressing yourself fully, you find inner freedom and self confidence. You are at ease with yourself.  Your relationships and life begin to reflect what you really need and enjoy.

Every woman is welcome from age 45 to 100 years of wisdom.


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Support Group &


Every Sunday at 6:30 - 9:30 pm at the Womens Shack in Byron Bay.

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5 weekly sessions on Sunday evenings. 
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 $110 for a series of five evening sessions (3 hrs each), bring a friend discount $100 each for five evenings (3 hrs of holistic life coaching per evening session)

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Menopause as Transformation

Weekend Workshops

Empowering Women over 45

Weekend Women's Workshop in Byron Bay, 

Saturday and Sunday in  2021 dates to be announced


Menopause is meant is the transition to become

your most empowered self as woman - The Wise Woman

An enriching weekend of enlightening workshops for women

to make menopause a positive experience of creating

a life full of love, creativity and confidence.

In our program, we are addressing all the topics that concern women in their process of Menopause and aging.   You gain knowledge, support and skills to nurture yourself through the changes experienced by your body, mind and soul.

You will gain a range of personal resources for your personal and emotional wellbeing to create positive change for yourself.

You will be guided on an inner journey to manifest menopause as a positive transformation.  Through formulating our life’s story and seeing the red thread in our life’s journey you understand our life’s purpose.

The workshops take you through a therapeutic process to access you deep inner knowing.  It enables you to be fully aware of your personal strength, overcome fear and doubt, shine a light on unfinished business and let go of what no longer serves you.  You emerge as renewed and empowered. 

We talk about our body adjusting to a new hormonal composition that causes initial discomfort with hot flushes, changing body shape and often emotional upheaval. Enjoy this opportunity to connect with other women for support and inspiration.

By understanding that menopause is a natural process of transformation for our body, mind and soul, we enjoy it as evolving into a woman’s most empowered self. When we embrace Menopause as a process that can bring expansion and freedom, we don’t fall into the trap of perceiving it as a midlife crisis. This is our opportunity to step up and create the life changes we need to feel fulfilled.

At this stage in our life, we are no longer bound by reproductive cycles, looking after children or establishing a career. We have done it and are ready to emerge in our new role as empowered wise woman.

We learn that the hormonal change heightens our ability to see clearly and trust our feminine intuition. We know what we want, who we are and how the world works. This can lead to the realization that we need to make changes. It enables us to step up into being self-determined and confident. We can now fully express our passion, speak our mind freely and take up leadership roles. In short, our life can become the most liberating and meaningful expression of our true self.

If we deny the process and fear the change, we suffer a midlife crisis. We get stuck and shrivel. The consequence of denying your menopausal changes or treating it like a disease can be alcohol abuse, constant yearning that things would be different, relentless distractions, depression and dementia.

In the final session we identify and master our life’s learning and create meaningful connections with other women. 

We take stock of our personal resources so that we can harvest the fruit of our life’s efforts to nourish us in the third phase of our life cycle. We also share our stories, knowledge and skills.  Together, we create a pool of knowledge and support for each other.  We get ready to cook up a storm. 

By sharing honestly our combined experiences of joy, pain, success and failure we provide the group with the insights that transform into wisdom. 

We realize that our insights are the jewels that create the richness of our creative awakening as Queen of our realm, teacher to the next generation and community leader. We weave a web of supportive people and activities as a source of empowerment and inspiration.


In the final workshop we emerge as the fully equipped, supported and connected wise woman. We are ready to be seen, heard and valued.

You will know how to create a life based on love, beauty and wellbeing.

We take off with the wind beneath our wings.

Every woman welcome from 45 to 100 years of wisdom.


to be advised in Byron Bay

Byron Bay, NSW 2481

Date:    weekend 

to be advised

- Weekend Workshops & lunch included

Join us for a life changing weekend.

at the Wisdom Space in Byron Bay

Dates & Cost

to be advised

Contact Bridgit Pearl

P: 0403 747 442


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