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Counselling - Live a fulfilling Life

What Wisdom Counselling can do for you.


With counselling you gain a better understanding of how to make the choices that empower you to live a fulfilling life. 

Together, we will find a way to make improvements in your life without fear of  judgement.  You can work on personal issues such as relationships, address inner emotional problems or on improving your career and work situation.  

You will overcome some of your fears and doubts and gain confidence to act. You will experience how to access your inner knowing and better understand your personal thought processes. This will allow you to conduct your life with care, emotional intelligence and wisdom. 

In our sessions, you learn to trust your intuition through the practice of mindfulness. This gives you greater awareness of yourself and people around you. You become empowered by your inner clarity. You will gain confidence in your decision making. You will act with inspiration and joy. This will enable you to transform your crisis into an opportunity and make a positive change.  

Make an appointment and find out how you can develop empowering perspectives and be the person you truly are. 

You can make an appointment  for counselling  via email: or book online.

Counselling with Bridgit Pearl at Wisdom Space
Counselling with Bridgit Pearl at Wisdom Space
Counselling with Bridgit Pearl at Wisdom Space

Counselling & Transformational Coaching enables you to 

Be empowered and confident to :

  • create positive change in your life

  • manage a difficult situation confidently

  • build healthy, loving relationships 

  • find clarity and focus

  • plan a career change

  • overcome doubt & procrastination

Life Coaching - Achieve your Goals

What Coaching can do for you 


Life coaching allows you to discuss your issues or future plan with a coach in a private session. We focus on your personal needs and situation that you want to tackle.  


Together we identify your individual abilities, values, resources and talents. This enables you to create positive change in support of your personal and professional goals. We then look closely at your options, ideas and blockages and find a way forward.  You will get things done with a focus on action. One step after another.


Your personal action plan will be realistic and achievable within your personal skills, abilities and resources.  It will express your personality and gifts. 


You enjoy what life offers you. You can turn crisis into opportunity. You embrace change that creates personal growth.

Counselling with Bridgit Pearl at Wisdom Space

You can make an appointment for a coaching session by phone: 0403 747 442  or 

email:   $125 per session (1 hr)


I offer one-on-one coaching in a private room or via Zoom  calls, if you like to talk with me from your home.  

Woman's Wisdom Circle

Bridgit facilitates a Women's Wisdom Circle in Lennox Head. In circle, women come together and share their experiences and knowledge honestly and openly.

We create a sacred space where we express our life insights and support each other in healing our soul. Bridgit leads the circle in a meditative, therapeutic process that allows us to open our heart and mind and reach our deepest inner knowing.

We speak our personal truth with love and grace.

We witness each other with compassion and total acceptance. We learn from each other and our individual talents. This is a woman's powerful way of gaining inner strength and wisdom. 

Together we inspire each other in creating a purposeful and soul nourishing life for ourselves and the living beings around us.

We stand for truth, courage, creativity, peace, justice, compassion, generosity and respect for the earth. 

We know in our hearts that all life is one.


P: 61 - 0403 747 442  or

Young Women Brainstorming

We meet once a month at the Wisdom Space.

Please contact us if wish to join our circle.