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Our Story

Meet Bridgit Pearl


Bridgit Pearl founded the Womens Wisdom School, to devote her work to the well-being of women and greater feminine presence in the world. Bridgit is a qualified holistic counsellor specializing in women’s issues.


Bridgit Pearl is a therapist, counsellor, nature lover, humanist, landscape architect and holistic thinker. Her friends describe her as a warm hearted, competent and courageous woman. Her Aunty Eva used to say, “if you ever had to pick a person to be with you when you are stranded on a deserted island, you sure want to choose Bridgit.  She keeps her calm and patiently figures out what to do. “


With that great inner calmness and conviction, Bridgit has created a soulful life of independence and meaningful work for herself.


What is the Women’s Wisdom School about?


The Womens Wisdom School is special group coaching program for women that enables them to step into their personal power.  Founder Bridgit Pearl reaches out to women who wish to create a good life based on well-being, wisdom, and self-determination. 

Women can book in for:

  • individual and group life coaching sessions,

  • one-on-one counselling, and

  • workshops specifically designed for women’s personal growth. 

Bridgit creates a safe space for women to allow for free expression, increased awareness and personal change to take place. In her sessions, Bridgit will help you to explore all aspects of your life (emotional, physical, mental spiritual, energetic and cognitive). Gentle and creative therapeutic methods are available to bring understanding, inner strength and healing to your life and relationships.


Bridgit’s Women's Wisdom Circles


Bridgit leads women’s wisdom circles and workshops based on the understanding that women blossom with support from their girlfriends and sisters. By sharing with other women, we feel understood and gain insights. 


In her workshops and circles, Bridgit creates therapeutic processes that bring women together in a safe space and access their deep inner knowing. They benefit from honestly expressing their joy, pain and life experiences. They find clarity and inner strength by tapping into their feminine intuition. 


The women create positive change for themselves with creative ideas inspired by beauty and compassion.


Bridgit’s Life Journey


Bridgit is committed to the well-being of women and nature.  Her professional experience includes psychology, landscape design, and nature conservation. She worked for over 25 years as a Landscape Architect designing and restoring landscapes to become healthy natural places of beauty. 


Bridgit started her successful career as a Landscape Architect in Sydney.  In 2000,  she fulfilled her lifelong dream and moved her practice to a country property in the Southern Highlands of NSW.  She actively transformed degraded farmland of overgrazed, cleared paddocks into a nature sanctuary for animals and sustainable living in Kangaroo Valley. Brigit planted over 2000 trees, constructed dams and wetlands and created an oasis for wildlife and domestic animals.  She developed a deep connection to the natural landscape.  She is also involved with the rescue and rehabilitation of injured birds for WIRES. 


Holistic Counselling - Mind, Body and Soul


In 2010, Brigit studied holistic counselling and therapy to further her interest in psychology and personal development.  This interest inspired her to merge therapy and well-being with her knowledge of nature and ecology.


She believes that being in touch with the natural world is healthy and therapeutic for humans.


She now leads the Women’s Wisdom School and runs Women’s Wisdom Circles and transformational workshops for the empowerment of women. Her work focuses on coaching and counselling women so that they can be effective and fully expressed in their lives. 

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The Place for Personal Empowerment


At the Wisdom Space, Bridgit offers personal coaching, counselling, and workshops that support people in summoning their inner strength and feeling empowered.

Wisdom Space in Byron Bay moved to new premises in Ballina.


Our Approach is the Woman's Way


Women have their own way of seeing the world and finding meaning and happiness.   You find clarity by listening to your true inner voice. You rely on your feelings for guidance and value your feminine gifts.  Women form close friendships and support each other to gain confidence and courage. 


The feminine in us thrives

-  on loving relationships with the people around us

-  the well-being of our bodies and minds, and on

-  creating beauty in our homes and environment


At the Women's Wisdom School, Bridgit Pearl has developed a therapeutic practice that is specifically designed for the feminine heart inside us. 

You are empowered and supported to:


·        Create a life inspired by beauty and wellbeing


·        Speak your mind and let your voice be heard


·        Do meaningful and fulfilling work


·        Enjoy loving and supportive relationships


·        Nurture healthy habits for your wellbeing


·        Trust and be guided by your female intuition


·        Gain courage to act on your personal values & passion


·        Achieve your goals with grace and ease


·        Be a valued member of your community


Become an empowered women and

create love, beauty and

fulfillment in our life

Wisdom Space