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Menopause and Beyond - Your Transformation to Queen of your Realm

a personal Empowerment Program at the Women’s Wisdom School in Byron Bay.

At the Womens Wisdom School, Bridgit Pearl offers personal counselling, life coaching and workshops that empower women to live a life they love. She supports you in gaining the courage and confidence to be your true self. You learn to overcome fear and assumptions that keep you blocked and stuck. Instead you embrace change as an opportunity for personal growth and expansion.

One of the very successful coaching groups for women over 45 is designed by Bridgit Pearl to experience Menopause as a positive transformation in a woman’s life. The program is called Menopause and Beyond.

This group is for women at mid life and in menopause. Women over 45 are naturally transitioning into a newly evolving mature, experienced and resourceful phase of life. They can enjoy a new sense of freedom when their grown up children leave home and partnerships have become to an end. Women in their forties and fifties are looking for more fulfilling relationships or are keen to change career and do more meaningful work. They also desire more time to themselves for self care and to explore the world and often a more spiritual path.

This change in life is a woman’s opportunity to create her golden years, a life full of confidence, wellbeing, creativity and freedom.

In this group, women come together and share their experiences and knowledge with the aim of becoming empowered through wisdom. Bridgit has designed a therapeutic program that takes the women on a journey into their subconscious feelings and thought patterns to reach a high level of self awareness. She enables the women to get in touch with their inner knowing and belief system that has caused them to behave and react in a certain way. She then works with the women to become deeply aware of their personal strength and abilities and to appreciate their individual talents and needs. This gives them the power to overcome fear, shame and limiting believes that have previously caused problems in their lives.

Womens Group Sessions include:

  • Group coaching and sharing in a circle of strength

  • Guided visualization, training and practice to support deep presence and mental and emotional stability

  • Clarifying and aligning to your purpose and vision

  • Strengthening your access and trust in your own inner wisdom

  • Tapping and unleashing your creativity

  • Breath, movement and voice practices to support your full, enlivened and joyful embodiment

  • And lots of laughter and fun!

Bridgit creates an atmosphere of total acceptance and support that allows the women to share personal concerns, joy and pain. Through experiencing non-judgmental listening and compassion, the soul and heart open.

In the coaching group, the women are committed to speak their truth and cherish each other’s differences.

They support each other in gaining courage to be truly themselves and hold each other safely so they gain the confidence to be open and honest about our inner feelings. This process heals emotional wounds and sets you free to let go of grievances and old beliefs that have been hindering your personal growth.

The women gain courage and trust themself to make the right choices. Wisdom emerges and with it discernment that overcomes indecision and procrastination.

They practice to speak their truth with respect, love and grace. They seek a way of being in the world that promotes wellness, peace and justice.

At the end of the program, the women have developed a sense of trust and intimacy that naturally transforms into a circle of friends.

Together, they now support each other in creating a purposeful and soul nourishing life for themselves and the people around them.

They experience a personal expansion; they have always wished for and express their true self.

The feedback in the groups is always a tremendous joy at becoming better at saying what they mean, being honest with themselves and others. As a result of this they experiencing more pleasure and satisfaction in their relationships. A new phase begins when the women finally trust their intuition as reliable guidance and experience their feminine qualities as empowerment and strength.

The women emerge as more vibrant, sassy and a force to be reckoned with, fierce and loving, creating a life of self determination and personal expansion. They embrace the power of authenticity; joyful, smart, at ease, emotionally healthy, sensitive, yet strong and determined. Resilient to other people’s criticism or dramas, not catering to other’s needs or society’s limited prototype of what an older woman should be.

This is a process that begins with menopause. The awakening of the inner queen, the ruler of her realm. Resourceful, emotionally intelligent, wise, self assured, open minded, creative, brave and bold we emerge as wise women, advisers to the next generation and community leaders.

Be wise, be strong,

be kind, be you

be a wise woman

Bridgit Pearl

holistic counsellor and Life coach

at the Womens Wisdom School

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