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Wisdom of the feminine - Blog  by Women's Wisdom

Bridgit Pearl founder of Womens Wisdom School talks about her transformational coaching for women experiencing menopause.  Interviewed by Zilka Angell, she explains some of the processes she has developed for the women participating in her workshops.  She talks about h...

A wise woman once said: 

You being fully yourself, helps others to be themselves. 

An empowered woman gains her strength from her inner truth and her love for beauty and wellbeing.

She is passionate, creative and fierce.

When you accept your true self and express your own...

a personal Empowerment Program at the Women’s Wisdom School in Byron Bay. 

At the Womens Wisdom School, Bridgit Pearl offers personal counselling, life coaching and workshops that empower women to live a life they love.  She supports you in gaining the courage and confi...