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 Create positive change in your life  

Women's Weekend in Byron Bay

January  2021

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A Women's Weekend to Create Positive Change in your Life

confident – creative – meaningful

Weekend:  April 2021, dates & location to be announced, Cost $490

This Weekend workshop is empowering women to create positive change in their life based on self- knowledge, creativity and freedom.

Spend an enlightening weekend of soulful inner journeys and workshops to create the life you love. You connect with yourself and other women for support and inspiration. 

Are you facing a big change in your life?


Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed?


Are you dreaming about doing more fulfilling work?


Are you longing for a loving and supportive relationship?

Are you searching for something new and more meaningful in your life?

This retreat empowers you to create love, beauty and fulfillment in your life. 

Holistic therapy workshops and coaching sessions will enable you to find a new way of being in the world. Therapist Bridgit Pearl, works with you, so you can enjoy change as self discovery and improvement, rather than as loss or disaster.


When we experience a separation, divorce, loss or sickness we believe our life is thrown into crisis. We often resist the changes this brings and feel fearful of the unknown. Psychologists know, when your life is thrown into crisis, it is your opportunity to create a new beginning. It's our wake up call – an opportunity for a positive transformation.

Our program teaches how to embrace change as your opportunity for creativity, wellness and adventure - and your healing begins.

By embracing the process of changing situations as liberating yourself from what no longer serves you; excitement and courage awakens. When you let go of your previous roles that no longer fit in with your family or at work, you open up to new possibilities.

Our group life coaching will allow you to liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and blockages so that you can move forward into a life that is truly yours.

You can overcome your fear and self doubt. Letting go of an unfulfilling situation and unrealistic expectations, empowers you as creatix of your realm.

The workshops are designed so that you realize that your accumulated experiences, emotional and practical, merge together to enable you to be resourceful, knowledgeable and self confident.

At the retreat, two holistic counsellors support and empower you to:

• Create a life inspired by beauty and wellbeing
Speak your mined and let your voice be heard
Enjoy loving and supportive relationships
Nurture healthy habits for your wellbeing
Trust and be guided by your intuition
Gain courage to act on your passion
Achieve your goals with grace and ease
Lead the lifestyle you enjoy
Be a valued member of your community

In our powerful workshops you will be inspired to step into your next stage of life, feeling well and confident, ready to be your best self ever. You know what you want, who you are and how the world works. It enables you to step up into being self-determined and confident. You can now fully express your passion, speak your mind freely and take up leadership roles.
In short, your life can become the most liberating and meaningful expression of your true self.


Guided by an experienced life coach, you will tap into your inner knowing and find a newly emerging strength through self awareness. Together, we celebrate our womanly qualities and share our wisdom with other women in a circle of powerful sisters.

At the our venue, in Byron Bay, you are warmly welcomed and cared for by professional therapists. You can unwind in this women's sanctuary in the healing capital of Australia. In between sessions, you relax in the subtropical environment with a drink and delicious snacks.

The white sandy beach and choice of resort accommodation near the beach awaits you.  Join us for this valuable experience and create positive change in your life.


Holistic therapist Bridgit Pearl has designed this life coaching program and leads the  workshop group sessions. Bridgit Pearl offers therapeutic guidance and support in a transformational process, that allows her clients to be self expressed. By feeling comfortable in who you truly are, you become inspired to step up into your highest self and personal strength. Bridgit creates group coaching sessions that teach women how to use a crisis as opportunity for personal growth and positive change.  

Enjoy a nourishing and empowering weekend in Byron Bay

that can be the beginning of your new life phase of love, beauty and wellness. 


Dates and Location to be announced. 

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