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Menopause as Transformation

Empowering Women over 45

Weekend Workshop in Byron Bay 

1 - 2 December 2018

Become your most Empowered Self

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Keep healthy and young with natural wellness

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Enjoy your life, relax and slow down

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Holistic therapist Bridgit Pearl, designs and leads professional retreat workshops


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Practice loving kindness towards yourself and other beings

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Enjoy your newly found freedom from the menstrual cycle and from birthcontrol

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Menopause is the transition to become your most empowered self as a woman.

Weekend:          Dates to be announced  (2 days)        $490 includes lunch

This weekend workshop is for women going through menopause to make it a positive and enriching experience.  Menopause is your opportunity to create a life full of confidence, creativity and freedom. 


Spend an enlightening weekend of soulful inner journeys and workshops to become the woman you want to be at this new stage of your life.  You connect with yourself and other women for support and inspiration.
By embracing the process of changing hormones as liberating yourself from your menstrual cycle and your previous role of mothering, you open up to new creative possibilities. 

Menopause is not a medical condition.  It is a woman’s natural transition into the empowered and knowing queen of her realm.

It's a woman's Midlife-Transformation not a crisis…​

It's your opportunity for positive change and personal growth.

Your accumulated experiences, emotional and practical, merge together to enable you to be resourceful, knowledgeable and creative.

At the workshops, we manifest ourselves as the wise woman.

  • You become your most valuable self as the queen of your realm.

  • You gather your wealth of experience and be resourceful.

  • You enjoy being liberated from pleasing others.

  • You step into being self-assured and confident.

  • You shine your light to be seen, heard and effective.

  • You take the first step towards creatrix, teacher, community leader.

  • You become the wise woman, keeper of the deep knowledge accumulated. by your joy, pain and insights.

  • You are harvesting the fruit of your life’s work to cook up a storm.

In our powerful workshops you will be inspired to step into your third stage of life feeling well and confident, ready to be your best self ever.

You will tap into you inner knowing and find a newly emerging strength through self awareness, celebrating your womanly qualities and connecting with other women as your circle of powerful sisters.

Join us for this valuable experience and create positive change in your life.
Every woman is welcome from age 45 to 100 years of wisdom.

Program for Weekend (2 Days) : 


9:00 am                         Arrival

9:30 am                         Welcome & Introduction to weekend retreat

Sharing our experience of menopause and change

10:30 am                       Learning from your life journey & personal history

1:00 pm                         Lunch

2:00 pm                         Celebrate your personal strength and abilities

4:00 pm                         Afternoon tea

4:30 pm                         Gain courage to overcome challenges


9:30 am                         Overcoming limiting beliefs and fear

11:30 am                       Circle of strength - connect and create support

12:30 pm                       Lunch

1:30 pm                         Your Life purpose

4:30 pm                         Creating positive changes

                                       Stepping into your true self & be seen and heard

The workshops take place in a safe space in Byron Bay

It is located just a short 10 min walk away from beautiful Belongil Beach.


Enjoy 2 days of inspiring workshops and feel the support of other women and a professional holistic counsellor. 

Facilitator & Host


Founded by Bridgit Pearl, the Wisdom Space is the Place for Women’s personal development andeEmpowerment.

Bridgit is a holistic counsellor who enables women to manifest their ideas and create positive change in their life.

Her counselling, life coaching, workshops and retreats support women in summoning their inner strength to truly be themselves.

She has designed this weekend specifically for women over 45. She offers professional guidance and support in a transformational process. Bridgit creates a safe space for women where they learn how to use change as opportunity for personal growth and positive change. 

Bridgit's skills allow her clients to be self expressed, comfortable in who they truly are and inspires them to step up into their highest self and personal strength.

Contact Bridgit Pearl     P: 0403 747 442       


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