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Golden Years of Womanhood -Workshop Series

Golden Years of Womanhood - Creating Positive Change at Midlife

Group coaching workshops for women over 45 

on Sunday evenings in Byron Bay

Connect - Support - Share - Create - Enjoy

This group is a transformational journey to become

your most empowered self as a woman in the second half of your life.

To make midlife the beginning of your golden years glowing with confidence, intelligence and a loving heart.

Step up into becoming the resourceful wize woman doing what you enjoy, bringing your personal talents and gifts into the world freed from the burden of an overwhelming schedule of  family chores. 

A series of 5 weekly group sessions with each session consisting of 3 hrs of life coaching and guided visualizations facilitated by qualified holistic Counsellor Bridgit Pearl.

This therapy group empowers women at midlife to create positive change in their lives.

It's a specialized program for women over 45 who are experiencing Menopause and aging as a challenge. 

This series of workshops makes going through life changes a positive experience. It empowers women to use menopause as a process of creating a better life with new possibilities and freedom.

In this Golden Years  program, you learn how to embrace change with a sense of creativity, adventure and courage.

The workshops and therapeutic sessions that will enable you to find a new way of being in the world. Therapist Bridgit Pearl, will work with you so you can enjoy change as an opportunity for self discovery and improvement, rather than as loss or disaster.

When we experience a separation, divorce, loss or sickness we believe our life is thrown into crisis.

We often resist the changes it brings and feel fearful of the unknown.

However, a life-crisis, is often our wake up call – an opportunity for a positive transformation.

You will gain a range of personal resources to activate your will power, feel inspired to take action and address your emotional needs to create a life you love.

By sharing honestly our combined experiences of joy, pain, success and failure we provide the group with the insights that transform into wisdom.

Together, we realize that our insights based on our life experiences create the richness of our creative awakening as capable and confident women. We are ready to offer wisdom as teachers and community leaders for the greater good and the next generation.

Together, we build a circle of supportive women and activities as our source of empowerment and inspiration. You emerge as the fully equipped, supported and connected wise woman.

In our golden age:

We are ready to be seen, heard and valued.

We know how to create a life based on love, beauty and wellbeing.

We take off with the wind beneath our wings.

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