Workshops  for Women

Workshops   for  Women's Personal Development 

Together we are wiser and stronger

Welcome to  Wisdom Space, the place for women's empowerment and celebration of the divine feminine.


We invite you to share our deep appreciation of all that defines womanhood and connects us as sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, achievers and wise women on this life giving earth. 


Here you will be supported in being the deeply alive, capable and self-assured woman you are meant to be. In the ancient woman's tradition of nurturing and gathering wisdom, you are entering a safe therapeutic space where you can relax and tap into your inner most knowing and feminine intuition.  We open up to your heartfelt truth and let it guide you and give you clarity to master your life with love, courage and purpose.  You activate the power within yourself be the amazing woman you are meant to be. 


Learn to become fully in touch with your intuition, your emotional intelligence and the fierceness of your love. As a result you will gain the enormous strength and resilience of womanhood that will change your life ...and the world around you.

Upcoming Workshops and Retreats 

 Menopause and Beyond - Empowering Women  


Your transformation to your most powerful self :

The Wise Woman -

She is knowledgeable, experienced and courageous.

She is the queen of her realm.

She is stepping into her power as community leader & teacher. 

She is confident, loving and fierce.

To be announced

at the Wisdom Space in Byron Bay


 weekend of workshops 

at the Wisdom Space  in Byron Bay

Wize Women -

Creating Positive Change

Embrace your evolving powerful feminine soul


You will understand your personal history and different life phases as  a process of becoming an empowered and emotionally intelligent woman.  Your life journey and natural cycles are a powerful transformational change in a woman's body and mind . Excel yourself in your personal growth.  

You will gain an empowering insight into your life path from childhood, to young girl, mother, professional and wise woman. 

You will emerge inspired to 


- Create your soulful life that you love

- Say 'Yes' to change with courage

- Propel yourself into light, love and creativity.

- Spread your wings and transform yourself

- Step into your highest ability

More Details on our specific Workshop  page

Menopause as Transformtion

Women's Weekend

Empowering Women over 45

your transformation to

your most powerful self as the Queen of your Realm

in your Wisdom Years

A life changing weekend in Byron Bay 

Easter weekend

The Golden Years of Womanhood

awaken your powerful feminine soul & purpose in life.  

A soulful journey into your deepest knowing and expression of  your

feminine intuition

5 workshops to get in touch with your deep self-knowledge

coming up in  May  - June 2019

Woman's Wisdom Circle

Bridgit facilitates a Women's Wisdom Circle in Lennox Head. In circle, women come together and share their experiences and knowledge honestly and openly.

We create a sacred space where we express our life insights and support each other in healing our soul. Bridgit leads the circle in a meditative, therapeutic process that allows us to open our heart and mind and reach our deepest inner knowing.

We speak our personal truth with love and grace.

We witness each other with compassion and total acceptance. We learn from each other and our individual talents. This is a woman's powerful way of gaining inner strength and wisdom. 

Together we inspire each other in creating a purposeful and soul nourishing life for ourselves and the living beings around us.

We stand for truth, courage, creativity, peace, justice, compassion, generosity and respect for the earth. 

We know in our hearts that all life is one.

We meet once a month at the Moon Lodge near Lennox Head. Two places have become available for women who wish to join our circle. 

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Bridgit Pearl P: 0403 747 442

Wisdom Space

Premises in Byron Bay & Ballina